1st visit ?



Coming to a new church for the first time can make you nervous, can’t it? You’re not sure where to park, where the drinking fountain is, or what kind of people you’ll meet. The good news is, we know how you feel!  Each of us had first-time jitters when we first came here, too. At each of the church entrances, greeters will shake your hand and offer you that day’s bulletin (that’s a brochure filled with great information about where things are, what’s going on in the church, etc.). The greeters will also ask if you need directions. Here is a description of what it’s like to worship with us on Sabbath (Saturday) and other activities and events here at Victory.

Hmm, What Should I Wear? First of all, we believe God is more interested in your heart than in what you’re wearing! So simply wear what you would to a meeting with someone special, like the mayor of your town or city. Some people here wear business-casual clothes. Some people wear dresses and suits and ties. Some come in nice jeans and shirts. Most choose to dress in ways that are modest, so as not to distract from the worship of God. But the most important thing is that you come, regardless of what’s in your closet that morning!


If you are looking for directions to Victory by train, bus or car we have compiled a list of traveling resources for frequently asked questions about Travel Information and Directions. We are so excited to have you visit, so please feel free to come whenever you are able; we’re always ready for you! Huge blessings and hopefully we will see you soon! A loving and hospitable welcome awaits You! We begin every Sabbath (Saturday) with our Sabbath School which starts at 9:15 AM. We invite you to visit us. You can find directions to us by clicking on the directions link. We have parking available on our grounds and on the streets near the church. Please refrain from blocking private driveways and also observe city parking signs. The church has two driving entrances – from Burke Avenue (main entrance) and from Gun Hill Road. We would suggest using the Burke Avenue entrance for easier navigation into the church grounds and the Gun Hill Road gate as your exit. Our Deacons are on-site to offer verbal assistance on parking.

Get directions by visiting our Directions links or our contact page.


Entrance to the foyer of the church is from the parking lot or the side walk-in entrance from Bouck Avenue. A wheel chair ramp is available from the parking lot to the foyer. The sanctuary is connected to the foyer. Once you enter the foyer you will be warmly greeted by a smiling greeter or usher who will be happy to assist you with your needs or that of your child.

If you arrive in time for our adult group Bible study (we call them “Sabbath Schools”), you will experience a lively discussion of the past week’s study focus called Sabbath School lesson. You are welcome to ask any questions or share your view on the topic being discusses. Sabbath School like any school is an opportunity to learn, but here it is Godly things. Please visit our Resource Center tables or racks which is filled with current and classic spiritual reading materials (most of which is yours to take, free of charge!). On your first visit you will also receive a Welcome Packet.

Your children will not want to miss their Sabbath Schools (similar to Sunday School) which is in the lower level. These classes are organized for all children by ages as young as infancy. The greeters will show you the right class for your children’s age group or assist you in sitting in an adult or youth class of your interest

There is also a Mother’s care room for crying or unsettled children on the left side of the foyer where you can still hear and see the worship service. For your convenience, there is also a changing table for infants in the women’s and men’s bathroom. .

Children classes are located downstairs in our Fellowship Hall. Ask an usher for assistance please! The adult Sabbath School classes are held in the Sanctuary . Every age group has a section dedicated to their spiritual empowerment and participation during the Sabbath School time.


First, we respect your right to simply sit and watch! Your level of participation in our worship service is completely up to you. But if you wish, there are many ways you can participate.

For instance, there’s excellent music of some sort at each worship service, including vocal performances, handbell choirs, contemporary worship music, pipe organ selections, string groups, and more. Most of these musical presentations are times when people attending worship can sing along. Words to songs will either be in the song books (called “hymnals”) in the back of the pew in front of you or on our projection screens at the front of the sanctuary.

Prayer is led by worship leaders up front, and we welcome you to pray with them in your heart as they do so. Tithes and offerings are collected before the sermon giving each attendee a chance to help support God’s work if they wish. Each week the “loose offering” (the money given that’s not in a special envelope available in the back of each pew) is designated by denominational leadership for specific institutions or missions around the world.

As our guest, we do not expect you to contribute to the offering. Feel free to sit back and relax as the offering collection plates are passed; but should you so desire you may give your offerings as you so desire. And of course, during the sermon time, feel free to use the Bible in the back of the pew in front of you (page numbers will be given so you can find the right spot).

We invite you to listen carefully, for the Bible is the book that has pointed millions of people to freedom and fulfillment in Jesus for thousands of years!


Following our Sabbath School service there is a 5 to 10 minutes break for attending to your small child, get some water or use the bathroom…a few minutes to prepare for the next service which begins at 11 am. Thereafter, we go straight into our corporate Worship Service, often called the 11 o’clock service (Adventist lingo). Usually one of our Pastors, an Elder or invited speaker will minister to us with a Christ-filled sermon or the worship service make be in another format such as a – musical, drama or lecture on a particular topic of high interest. After this service we invite as our guests to please dine with us at our luncheon! Most of the dishes are delicious vegetarian meals. Seriously! Come try them and you will realize what you have been missing. Seventh-day Adventists are known to strive for healthy eating habits but this doesn’t mean that every Seventh-day Adventist is a vegetarian, or what we eat is the basis for our faith. It does mean however that we strive to be health conscious as instructed by the Bible. .


On Sundays we have our Christian character youth programs – Pathfinder Club, Adventurers Club and Youth Choir practices; all geared to building youth engaged in service to God, country and fellow men. We have our Community Pantry on alternate Sundays where we provide food, clothing and social services to those facing challenges along life’s pathways. Our mobile outreach service Operation H. O.P.E (Health, Outreach, Prayer to Cope and Education) travels locally and to other communities to service communities and individuals (adults, teens and infants) in need. With its team of trained Red Cross disaster preparedness individuals, Operation H.O.P.E is able to offer support – physically, spiritually and emotionally – and resources during local emergencies or disasters.


Each Sabbath (Saturday) afternoon, we have a provocative Bible class where you can share what you know, ask what you don’t know or just sit back and listen as a presenter shares information on a topic of interest. As our guest you have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the topic or ask your questions. Our youth service follows our Bible class and is very dynamic. The services take different formats each week from Bible games, drama, music concerts, nature walks in a local park, presentations by special guests, workshops or other formats. These programs are vibrant and open to everyone; regardless of age.


On Wednesdays at 7:30PM is our Mid-Week Prayer and Praise service. This service is a moment to refuel yourself with praise, testimonies, prayer and exhortations during the middle of the week. All of the services are powerful and unique.


While we are anxious for the Lord to return, we are not so “Heavenly minded” that we do not take time to have super fun and fellowship. Saturday nights, but not only, are our favorite time to enjoy great fellowship and fun after a Sabbath’s (Saturday) day of worship. It is a great time to attend the energetic social events planned and executed by our youth department, or the cultural programs filled with great food, or a relaxing time “at the movies” as we enjoy a great family movie, of course with great food. All happening in our church’s fellowship hall. Then there are our special social events such as banquets celebrating different events. The idea is that there is much fun for all ages. So check our calendar of events and come prepared to fellowship with us after the day’s worship services.


We definitely recommend connecting to our Live Online streaming of our Sabbath (Saturday) services at 11:00 am if you are unable to be with us in person. A free copy of our broadcast is provided upon request from our Media Ministry team. View our online broadcast or events pages and see announcements of coming special broadcasts.

Though completely optional, we would love it if you would introduce yourself to the pastor and others who are available at the doors of the sanctuary after the main worship event. Again, there usually is a fellowship dinner in the Fellowship Hall and you are definitely invited to join us. Feel free to stay the afternoon for our Bible Class and thereafter our Youth lead service called A.Y (Adventist Youth) Service. This program may be in a multiplicity of formats from music concerts, to Bible games, to presentations to drama. So much to see and experience then. Any of our members are available to answer whatever questions you might have. We are glad you came and hope you come again next week!