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We have a Bible full of profound stories of faith, sin, renewal, miracles, forgiveness, and punishment, and many more lessons that apply to us today. The Bible gives us hope when we doubt, strength when we are afraid, faith to keep moving forward, love when we feel unloved, and more positive affirmations. What is totally awesome, though, is that most of these stories that encourage us are about normal everyday ordinary people like you and me.
We are a group of ordinary people committed to following an extraordinary Jesus. That means we worship Him with Vigor and Joy. That means we encourage Prayer in church and personal life; and we demonstrate our Love to people outside and inside the church through Generosity, Invitation, Fellowship and Compassion.
Our hope is that all people will feel loved and welcomed at Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church. Are we perfect? Of course not. Do we have our share of failures, problems, disappointments and unfilled plans? Indeed, we do. But the love God gives to us is so deep, so broad, so all encompassing of every kindred, nation and tongue, that we have joy in our journey, even in a world that can at times be impossibly cruel.
Our stories have yet to be fully written, and there is no telling what God may do through us. So, when we read the Bible, we feel inspired, because we follow a God who can do the impossible; with ordinary everyday people. We want you to experience that joy. The eternal Joy that comes from knowing Jesus and experiencing His endless love, no matter how far we are behind, in our journey to Him. Come as you are. Check us out, but more importantly, seek the truth of God that can only be known, when one knows Jesus.

Membership Transfer Request

 [Membership Transfer Forms]

We know desires and plans often result in changes. Changes may include transferring membership from our church to another or transferring from another to our church. We understand how emotional even that can be. We are here to help you make that transition as comfortable as possible. Contact us so we can help you get through the process. 


Benevolence Request

[Members support Assistance]

We all need someone who we know will do their best to cover our backs. Someone who can be empathetic and trusted with our needs. As a church we will always try to help whenever and however we can without betraying your trust and always guarding your dignity. Your request will be prayerfully considered,as we try to assist you in your moment of need


Special Events Requests

[Funerals, Weddings, Dedication, Facility Usage, etc]

Life is fluid and so are events in our lives. They may be exciting – graduations, marriage, birthdays, homecoming. Other times they take all our energy to get through – funerals, divorce, illness, failing health. etc. Let us walk with you in the hard times and celebrate with you in the good times. Contact us when you may need our facility or our help with an event in your life.

What you can expect at Victory is the opportunity to meet and become part of a congregation committed to building a healthy church full of people who are Loving God, Loving Others and Serving All  by our –
        • Love for God,
        • Love for Others and
        • Love for Serving Others.


[3-Way Plan Applications – Elementary, High  College]

Seems like it was just yesterday they were crawling and crying. Now they are charting a course to mental independence and its time to send they out o explore, discover and learn about the world and its amazing. So how can we help? We would love to assist you in getting them started. So grab a form and let us get going! 



[Members & Guest  Contact Info Form]

We understand the rigorous of filling out applications and how time consuming they can be, but the correct informatioon about you helps us send the correct information to you and expeditiously.  So do us a favor please, please ensure your information is kept updated at all times, whether you are a member or a guest . We will definitely keep it secure. 


[Share your encouraging words, volunteer or talents here]

We all have something we can share with another. It may not be expensive or elaborate like others, but your simple smile, caring thought, encouraging experience, special skills or service can make a world of a difference to someone. So if you would love to “do something” by volunteering, offering your specialize skills or share an experience which may encourage another then lets going. Share it here!