Anonymous, March 11, 2023 - 4:33 pm

Please remember my family in prayer we are having a terrible crisis situation. Pray that we have a favorable outcome! Thanks and God Bless!

Seth, December 3, 2022 - 7:14 pm

I’m a whistleblower for my former ministry, for financial corruption. They portrayed me as crazy and removed me. Registered mail from the ministry is arriving any day, which is a lawsuit against me because of my whistleblower emails. God’s shown me the strategy, and it’s urgent, I need your prayers. Please pray that God will enable me to get the next flight out to Jerusalem. Pray for the round-trip flights so I can fast (most likely partial) and pray 40-days at the Jerusalem Western Wall, for God to shower His mercy over the ministry which is about to be destroyed through corruption, and for God to show mercy and forgiveness to everyone in leadership and bring them to salvation. This will force them to delay the lawsuit knowing I’m praying for mercy for THEM. Pray that God will HELP me with all the arrangements, expedite the visa, get free, quiet room and board in Jerusalem, make everything possible. Pray that my parents will help as much as possible with cost, and be strongly in support of me. Pray I will not receive the certified mail until I’m in Jerusalem. Thanks.

Kenneth Wilson, October 13, 2022 - 3:16 pm

Pray for Our Country the United States of America to humble ourselves and turn to god turn from some much wicked way and mercy for our country. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people. Pray for the family of those who lose loved ones. Pray for the country of Ukraine for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Pray for my family and for those who are sick for healing. Pray for my mother and her health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs. Pray for my older sister and her husband, pray for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my nephew. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Pray for my brother for godly wisdom and salvation. Also pray for his girlfriend and his two baby sons for protection. I have cried many times because of hurtful things in my relationship with my neighbor. Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor and those I am close to that live across the world. for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us come closer together than ever before. Pray that we won't break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices. Also pray for a miracle for all my relationships to be more intimate and more loving. Pray for how my neighbor has treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray for a brighter day and special moments. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in her life. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationships. Set my neighbor free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my neighbor and others won 't leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together and to bring our hearts together. Pray for my neighbor and her whole family for deliverance from any wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the godly and loving way. Pray for My auntie that is in the hospital for divin